Student services and support programs


Springwood State High School is committed to providing all of our students with access to quality educational programs.  A range of student support services are available to further this goal.

Guidance Officer Services

The Guidance Officer aims to support all members of the school community, especially those students experiencing difficulty, and assist people to make informed, healthy life choices. Students and families are able to seek assistance regarding personal, career and educational issues.

Personal counselling includes concerns about bullying, anxiety, depression, relationships, self-esteem, stress, transition to new school, referral to specialists, family concerns, anger, accommodation, conflict with teachers and peers, coping strategies, grief and loss.  There are many issues you might wish to seek assistance with and if you’re not sure if I can help, please ask.

Educational counselling includes subject selections, motivation, study skills, time management and alternative educational plans.

Career counselling can help students develop lifelong career management skills, assess interests and abilities, explore educational and career pathways, and assist in career decision making.  Career education is delivered in BLAST classes and supported by the Guidance Officer and Head of Senior Schooling.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a way of helping people to express themselves, deal with problems, make decisions, set and achieve goals, and feel supported. It is built on an honest and caring relationship between the Guidance Officer and the person coming to counselling.  The School Guidance Officer strives to understand, support, encourage and challenge young people so they can lead happier lives and develop important life skills. The Guidance Officer will listen to you without judgment.


This means that the conversations you have with the Guidance Officer are private. The Guidance Officer will not tell other people what you have told them unless they have your permission, but there are limits. The Guidance Officer cannot keep conversations confidential if safety is an issue. This is very important and if you seek help, you should ask questions to make sure you understand.


There are many specialists that deal with issues that may be more appropriate for you to see outside of school while getting support at school as well.  If this is the case the Guidance officer will discuss these services with you and make a referral on your behalf.

Making an appointment

If you would like to make a time to speak with the Guidance Officer you can either drop in and make an appointment, email or phone. Parents are most welcome to make appointments directly with the Guidance Officer.

Indigenous Liaison Officer

Who I am?

Hi, my name is Amber Ballangarry, I grew up in Kempsey, New South Wales and am a proud Gumbainggar Woman, however I have lived in the Logan area for the past eight years.  I am currently the Indigenous Liaison Officer at Springwood State High School.

What I do

My role as Indigenous Liaison Officer is to provide support to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at Springwood State High School. My role entails class teacher aide support, one-on-one or small group support, generating a database for Indigenous students, planning and hosting excursions/cultural activities, liaising with staff such as the guidance officer, school nurse, teachers and admin, liaising with parents, assisting with student aspirations, checking in with the students, hosting Indigenous meetings, and providing various support including educational, emotional, personal and cultural.

How can I be contacted

I am available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and can be reached on (07) 3380 6136 or​

Also available:

  • School based Health Nurse
  • Youth Support Coordinator

Last reviewed 03 April 2019
Last updated 03 April 2019