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Senior Curriculum 

At Springwood State High School, our vision is to provide support to achieve excellence in a pathway for each student.  In the Senior School, we live and breathe this philosophy by providing two distinct pathways in the Senior Phase of Learning.

In year 10, students begin participating in a weekly BLAST program.  This program supports students to identify and embark upon their desired future pathway and allows them to develop their Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan, mapping out their future goals.

In years 11 and 12, students work towards success in their chosen pathway - either tertiary or vocational.

Students pursuing a tertiary pathway choose from a range of Authority (OP) subjects and participate in a comprehensive Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Preparation Program to help prepare them for greater success at the end of year 12. 

Students pursuing a vocational pathway study from a wide range of learning options including: nationally recognised VET (Vocational Education and Training) qualifications at Certificate I, II or III level; authority-registered subjects; school-based apprenticeships or traineeships (SATs) or TAFE and SkillsTech partnership programs.  Our VET programs are industry-approved and set exemplary standards across the state.  Recent audits with the Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) validate the first-class nature of our VET learning programs.

Students on a vocational pathway may also choose to participate in the school's Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Preparation Program and may elect to pursue a selection rank for tertiary entrance after completion of year 12.  Students on a vocational pathway are supported towards achievement of their goals through participation in a Certificate II in Workplace Practices which incorporates eighty (80) hours of structured work placement with a host employer/s.  This allows students to access real-world learning experiences in industry in combination with their school-based studies.

Regardless of the pathway they choose, all students at Springwood State High School work towards the achievement of their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) by the end of year 12.  Through their BLAST program in year 10, students are registered with the QSA and an individual learning account is opened for each student to track their progress towards the QCE.  While a students learning account remains open for nine years, at Springwood State High School we pride ourselves upon the support we provide to students to achieve this qualification by the end of year 12.  Students participate in SET Plan/Academic Review interviews at reporting junctures to ensure they are on track to achieve their QCE and on-going channels of open communication are established between students, parents/guardians and members of the school community.

For more information about the Senior Schooling opportunities available for students at Springwood State High School, please contact Nicky Smythe (Acting Head of Department, Senior Schooling).

Last reviewed 03 June 2019
Last updated 03 June 2019