Junior secondary


Junior Secondary Philosophy

Our philosophy is based around the provision of a seamless curriculum supported by strong, positive relationships with the stakeholders within the Springwood High community to facilitate increased opportunities and learning outcomes for students.

Our aim is to maintain student enthusiasm for learning and build self-esteem and resilience so that school and learning is a positive and meaningful experience for all.​

Springwood State High School is committed to being a school of choice.  Our parents, students and the school community have a clear understanding of our education agenda including tailoring an education experience for each student.  Springwood State High School is adept at working with each student and their parents to understand the learning needs of each student throughout their schooling career. Our whole school vision is “The highest expectations” and our values are respect, industry, cooperation.

Springwood SHS has identified a learning focus through the implementation of our Five Platforms for success: 

  • Academic Excellence
  • Pathways
  • Sport and the Arts
  • Wellbeing and
  • Community

These platforms are an integral part of our Junior Secondary model and are celebrated with parents through Junior Secondary student awards.

Springwood State High School utilizes Robert Marzano’s ‘Art and Science of Teaching’ (ASOT) as its pedagogical framework to support teaching and learning.  The ASOT framework assists teachers to reflect upon, and develop, their pedagogical practice in a way that results in improved teaching and student results. Effective classroom instruction results in engaged students and improved student outcomes; to achieve this teachers will focus on all elements of the teaching process.  ASOT supports the delivery of highly innovative lessons, integrating technology and non-technology strategies with a focus on developing higher order thinking skills. CCE’s of the fortnight have been identified for our Junior Secondary students and are integrated within lessons. ASOT also supports the pedagogical practice of providing expectations about the learning intent, organising the classrooms to set up student success and clearly identifying student learning behaviours.

Our BLAST (Building Lifelong Aware Successful Teens) program supports the pastoral care of students with specific lessons tailored to each year level and our SMASH (Student Management at Springwood High) program supports students to make good choices regarding behaviour and to understand the consequences of certain actions.  There is a positive behaviour focus each week.

Springwood SHS has re invigorated our academic excellence program to support Year 7 transition to high school.  Students in Year 7, 8 and 9 will be extended through academically challenging and enriching cross- curricula tasks that will culminate in a showcase presentation.  Central to the EXCEL program will be a focus on technology. To support our research based EXCEL program, additional resources to deliver this innovative program would be required.

Springwood State High School, Springwood Road and Springwood Central Primary Schools have recently established a Springwood Education Precinct. This involves mentors for Year 7s, student involvement and assistance with Under 8 Days, Transition Days and providing opportunities for secondary teachers teaching specialist subjects in the primary setting.

The Junior Secondary model clusters subjects, enabling one teacher to take two or more subjects, reducing the number of teachers that students have to get to know.  Along with our year co-ordinator and faculty structure we have introduced cross faculty connections similar to the year level meetings in a primary school.  Our Junior Secondary precinct has been established including a refurbished air-conditioned Humanities block, designated play/equipment and toilet areas. 

Last reviewed 03 April 2019
Last updated 03 April 2019